Like most people at the moment I am at home with very little work to do in comparison to normal! Weddings have been postponed and so far, thank goodness, all but one of my couples have managed to rearrange to a date that I am available… they’ve all been so lovely, understanding and brilliant at keeping in touch. I feel super lucky!

We are following government guidance to stay at home.. so we are home schooling and enjoying this family time without interruptions… lots of baking, eating, crafting, enjoying the sunshine, drinking wine (sshh) and the usual stuff that you’re probably doing too!

One of the many things we’ve started doing in a bid to make home school fun and a little bit different is to join my friend Lucy and Kelly in their new facebook group, which is the Online Photo Club with really fun projects for all ages! The kids have really enjoyed the few ones we’ve done and haven’t realised that it was so educational.. so win win! Lucy did a fantastic post recently which was a ‘day in the life’ of her gorgeous little boy, documenting what life was like in their house during lockdown, and suggested anyone who fancies it try it too. So yesterday, I did!!

I picked up my camera at breakfast time, followed the girls all day documenting everything they did including ‘school time’ in the morning, lots of eating, a bike ride on the track behind our house, swinging and trampolining in the garden, video chats with grandparents/family, homemade pizza tea and finally our regular game of Uno before bed. We’ve got a championship leaderboard going and I am currently losing miserably to Dave, Eva (age 8) and Penny (age 5)! It’s a travesty. As it’s the weekend they also had a ‘sleepover’ in Eva’s room, which is something they’ve been doing most weekends. They’ve definitely bonded in the last 7/8 weeks.

So here it is… A lockdown ‘day in the life’ of Eva and Penny.

Hope you enjoy their random faces and a glimpse into our daily routine at the moment. It’s definitely highlighted how many crooked picture frames we have hanging on our walls!

And I hope you and your families are safe and well. I absolutely can’t wait to get photographing some other people soon, haha! As soon as I’m allowed I’ll be booking lots of families in for sessions to capture family life.

See you soon hopefully!