Laura-Jane and Tom had an intimate wedding at Mitton Hall which was small and perfectly formed. They invited just their closest family to join them for a beautiful ceremony in the conservatory, followed by a candlelit dinner of steak in a private dining room. Their daughter, Millie, was an absolute star and an excellent flower girl 🙂

We actually had rain for the most part of the day, but managed to skip out under the trees just for a few quick portraits of the two of them. Mitton Hall is such a beautiful wedding venue, you really can’t go wrong whatever happens with the weather! The florals were by Felicity Farm Flowers… I’ve worked with Elaine a few times now and she always does an amazing job. These bouquets and arrangements were just so pretty and natural, and I loved the peachy colours.

I also loved that Laura-Jane made her entrance to the sound of the bagpipes… it really was a memorable moment.

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Thanks once again to Laura-Jane and Tom for asking me to photograph their wedding at Mitton Hall. I love the fact that it was so unique and just perfect for them.