I am lucky to have lots of friends in the wedding industry, most of whom are amazingly talented wedding photographers. We often work together if any of us need a second photographer for the day, or assistance with shoots. It’s great to have the back up and also I personally find it really important to be constantly learning, so love to shoot with other photographers at their weddings. In this instance I spent the weekend with the brilliant Liam Crawley of CG Weddings, at the Indian fusion wedding of Hayley and Umesh.

The lovely couple had a Hindu wedding ceremony at the Gujarat Hindu Society temple in Preston,  followed by a civil ceremony at Combermere Abbey in Cheshire on the following day.

I thought I would share a few images, firstly from their Hindu ceremony where I spent the morning with Hayley and the girls as they dressed at The Marriot Hotel, and went on to join Umesh and their guests at the Temple. They both looked amazing in their traditional Hindu outfits.

It was so meaningful, colourful and lively.. I loved the buzz and excitement and particularly loved all the dancing!

Here are my favourite shots…

hindu wedding photography prestonHindu_wedding_photography_preston_0005 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0006 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0007 hindu wedding photography preston Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0009 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0010 traditional hindu wedding dress hindu bride jewellery hindu bride hands Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0015 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0016 hindu bride at marriott hotel preston hindu bride in preston Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0019 indian fusion wedding preston Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0021 indian wedding at hotel in preston hindu bride in wedding car Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0024 hindu ceremony at gujarat society Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0026 gujarat hindu society wedding Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0028 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0029 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0030 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0031 gujarat hindu society wedding photographer Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0033 hindu wedding shoe Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0035 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0036 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0037 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0038 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0039 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0040 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0041 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0042 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0043 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0044 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0045 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0046 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0047 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0048 hindu wedding photographer preston indian wedding couple Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0051 fine art indian wedding photographer Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0053 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0054 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0055 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0056 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0057 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0058 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0059 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0060 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0062 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0063 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0064 dancing at gujarat hindu wedding Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0066 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0067 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0068 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0069 Hindu_wedding_photography_preston_0070 Hayley