Hannah and Ben are getting married tomorrow! I’m very excited to be photographing their wedding and it sounds like they have all sorts of fun things planned.

Here’s a few shots from their engagement session which we did a few weeks ago, near Hannah’s mum’s house in Stoke.

emmaBphotography_wedding_0014 emmaBphotography_wedding_0015 emmaBphotography_wedding_0016 emmaBphotography_wedding_0017 emmaBphotography_wedding_0018 emmaBphotography_wedding_0019 emmaBphotography_wedding_0020 emmaBphotography_wedding_0021 emmaBphotography_wedding_0022 emmaBphotography_wedding_0023 emmaBphotography_wedding_0024 emmaBphotography_wedding_0025 emmaBphotography_wedding_0026 emmaBphotography_wedding_0027 emmaBphotography_wedding_0028 emmaBphotography_wedding_0029 stoke pre wedding photography

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

With thanks to UK Film Lab