This is Emily and Dan, and their beautiful children Ellis and Quinn! We met at Worden Park in Leyland for a run around and a few swings, and to make some lovely portraits of them as a family….

emmaBphotography_wedding_0130 emmaBphotography_wedding_0131 emmaBphotography_wedding_0132 emmaBphotography_wedding_0133 emmaBphotography_wedding_0134 emmaBphotography_wedding_0135 emmaBphotography_wedding_0136 emmaBphotography_wedding_0137 emmaBphotography_wedding_0138 emmaBphotography_wedding_0139 emmaBphotography_wedding_0140 emmaBphotography_wedding_0141 emmaBphotography_wedding_0142 emmaBphotography_wedding_0143 emmaBphotography_wedding_0144 emmaBphotography_wedding_0145Shot on a mixture of digital and Medium Format Film. Film scanned and developed by UK Film Lab