Leanne and Stephen’s Rivington Hall Barn Wedding was elegant and romantic, with a vintage inspired style featuring bridesmaids in dusky pinks, muted florals in antique vases and the most beautiful powder blue VW camper!

Leanne and her bridesmaids got ready at her parents’ pub in Bolton, the couple were then married at St Joseph’s RC Church in Adlington near Chorley, and went on to a reception at Rivington Hall Barn – one of my favourite wedding venues!

Their little girl is just adorable.. there was a super cute moment when Leanne appeared, beautifully dressed and ready for everyone to see, and there was a ‘BUT I WANTED TO BE ELSA!!!’ situation. Thankfully she soon recovered and went on to be the star of the show 🙂

With thanks to Leanne, Stephen, their friends and family, all the staff at Rivington who were brilliant as usual, and to UK Film Lab too.


Rivington Barn Wedding Photography

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